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I am Hunter Reece. I am an artist and a songwriter. I like to blend upbeat vocal melodies with modern electronic sound design to create a catchy sun-soaked experience. There is an irresistible ‘90s nostalgia, and a future-thinking minimalism that keeps the sound fresher than a mouthful of pop rocks. 
Via collaborations with Dru DeCaro, The Astronomers, Holly Alison, and many more, my songs have been streamed over 500,000 times on Spotify alone. [ That’s legit crazy 🙂 ] Brought to life with one-half of the pop duo btwn, producer Zack Burke, “Don’t Change” will have you bouncing and smiling with every listen.

Falling My Way” was the first song that I wrote during quarantine of 2020. I had just spent the last few days stressing about how I would pay my bills, what things were going to change, and how much toilet paper I had left. Should I invest in camping gear and disappear before things get really bad? This song was one of the most cathartic to write. It worked to reassure me that the anxiety and fear was temporary, and there would be sunny days yet again. We have to fail a bit in life, we learn good from experiencing bad.

What matter is we get up and try again, I’m just “falling my way through life“.


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NoKillShelter / Electronic Musician / Atoned Music / IG: @nokillshelter


“Hunter’s blend of half time pop combined with feel-good melodies will always leave you refreshed like you spent a day sipping lagers on the beach. He has a relentless work ethic to get tracks to his fans, and never disappoints. Hunter Reece should be on everyone’s radar.”

-Charzrd / Electronic Musician / IG: @gldcharzrd 


“Hunter Reece is the best songwriter of our generation.”

The Astronomers / Pop-EDM Musician / IG:


“Hunter knocked our collaboration ‘All In’ out of the park. He was great to work with and writes professional-grade songs.”

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